CC Harp

Ingenious 10-hole harmonica style instrument.

10-hole diatonic harmonica (sometimes called "blues harp") is a small but powerful instrument with great expressiveness.
CC Harp is a musical instrument application designed to take full advantage of the deep characteristics of harmonica, and is also pursued for rich live usability.
Since it uses a synthetic sound source method, it can handle various sounds with a small footprint of memory.


  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


  • Interface is modeled after the harmonica holes.
  • Make sound with up to two independent touches.
  • Make adjacent sounds with a single touch.
  • Easy chord play with two finger by smart chord feature.
  • Various splitting performances with 2 fingers touch.
  • Pitch bends based on actual harmonicas are possible
  • You can muffle the sound just as you would with a harmonica.
  • You can apply a tremolo effect with variable speed.
  • The screen can be reversed for left-handed people.
  • Change the screen color to your liking.
  • Supports dark mode.
  • A detailed user guide is built-in and ready to use.
The following Extra Features are added with in-app purchases:
  • All 12 harmonica keys are available.
  • Built-in pitch tuner.
  • Lower the pitch by one octave is available.
  • Various harmonica tunings are built-in.
  • Reverb effect is available.
  • Airy sound peculiar to wind instruments can be added..
  • Touch vibrato with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Volume expression can be made by tilting the device.
  • Accurate pitch bend is possible.
  • You can make bends that are impossible with a real harmonica.
  • Slide operation like a chromatic harmonica is possible.
  • Note name and interval display that is convenient for playing.
  • Concise banner shows the settings at a glance.
  • Preset settings like a pocket with several different harmonica in it.
  • Several built-in synthetic sounds including harmonica-like tones, flute, stringed, etc.
  • Simple sound synthesizer where you can create new sound.
  • You can Play-along with a song in your iPod library.
  • Sound data can be exported and imported via the device clipboard.
  • You can design your own harmonica tuning and import it.
You can try out Extra Features for two weeks by purchasing the "Free Trial" in-app purchases.

Any interworking functions such as Inter-App Audio, AUv3, and MIDI, and function for recording and playback the performance are currently not supported.

Detailed features and usage of CC Harp are explained in the User Guide.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

CC Harp is created by Chord-Works, and its details are published on the Chord-City website.