CC Harp


  • Interface is modeled after the harmonica holes.
  • Make sound with up to two independent touches.
  • Make adjacent sounds with a single touch.
  • Easy chord play with two finger by smart chord feature.
  • Various splitting performances with 2 fingers touch.
  • Pitch bends based on actual harmonicas are possible
  • You can control the muffle effect unique to harmonica playing.
  • You can apply a tremolo effect with variable speed.
  • The screen can be reversed for left-handed people.
  • Change the screen color to your liking.
  • Supports dark mode.
  • A detailed user guide is built-in and ready to use.

The following Extra Features are added with in-app purchases:

  • All 12 harmonica keys are available.
  • Built-in pitch tuner.
  • Lower the pitch by one octave is available.
  • Various harmonica tunings are built-in.
  • Reverb effect is available.
  • Airy sound peculiar to wind instruments can be added..
  • Touch vibrato with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Volume expression can be made by tilting the device.
  • Accurate pitch bend is possible.
  • You can make bends that are impossible with a real harmonica.
  • Slide operation like a chromatic harmonica is possible.
  • Note name and interval display that is convenient for playing.
  • Concise banner shows the settings at a glance.
  • Preset settings like a pocket with several different harmonica in it.
  • Several built-in synthetic sounds including harmonica-like tones, flute, stringed, etc.
  • Simple sound synthesizer where you can create new sound.
  • You can Play-along with a song in your iPod library.
  • Sound data can be exported and imported via the device clipboard.
  • You can design your own harmonica tuning and import it.

Try out the extra features for 2 weeks with a free trial of the in-app purchase.

Any interworking functions such as Inter-App Audio, AUv3, and MIDI, and function for recording and playback the performance are currently not supported.


  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad