Most of Chord-City’s apps can be purchased for free with basic functionality implemented, but purchasing extra features through in-app purchases allows for more advanced and versatile usage.
Extra features can be tried out for two weeks with a free in-app trial purchase.

CC Harp

Ingenious 10-hole harmonica style instrument

10-hole diatonic harmonica (sometimes called “blues harp”) is a small but powerful instrument with great expressiveness.
CC Harp is a musical instrument application designed to take full advantage of the deep characteristics of harmonica, and is also pursued for rich live usability.
Since it uses a synthetic sound source method, it can handle various sounds with a small footprint of memory.

CC Flute

Enjoy playing music with the sounds of flute.

CC Flute is a musical instrument app that allows you to enjoy playing with the sounds and expressions unique to woodwind instruments. It is especially designed for ease of play and use in live performances.
Since it uses a synthetic sound source method, it does not burden memory or storage.

CC Drawbar

Organ sound anywhere

CC Drawbar is an application implementing an electronic organ that creates its tone using drawbars. The tone is created by setting the overtone structure according to the extent to which the nine drawbars are pulled out.
It was designed with the aim of providing the same operability as the legendary Hammond B3 series organ, allowing you to easily enjoy the organ sound produced by the drawbars.
It also supports full-fledged performances as a MIDI sound source by connecting an external amplifier and MIDI devices such as a MIDI keyboard.

CC Whistle

Whistling on the keyboard!

CC Whistle is a musical instrument app with a lip-whistle tone.
Using a unique hybrid keyboard that can handle portamento and vibrato freely, you can perform just like whistling.
Since it uses a synthetic sound source method, it does not burden memory or storage.

CR Player

Enjoy turning your music library into vinyl.

CRPlayer is a music player app that allows you to enjoy the songs in your iPod library like vinyls.
From taking a vinyl out of the jacket and putting it on the turntable to start playing, to finishing the performance and putting it back in the jacket, it moves just like a real player. You can touch the vinyl with your finger to change the speed, stop the turntable with your finger for scrubbing, or stop the tonearm with your finger to make the needle skip. But, unlike the real thing, no matter how harshly you handle it, the original sound source will not be damaged at all!
Enjoy the feeling of playing vinyl on a record player to your heart’s content.