CR Player


  • The jacket and turntable display are fun to look at.
  • You can freely create records from your music library.
  • 4 types of vinyl disk form from donut record to LP record.
  • A cool animation of the record playback process.
  • Auto start behavior like a real player.
  • The front of the jacket depicts the artwork.
  • Tap the edge of the jacket to flip it over to the back of the jacket.
  • On the back of the jacket is a list of songs that can be selected by tapping.
  • Use the slider on the back of the jacket to freely seek within the song.
  • Multiple songs can be divided into side 1 and side 2, just like a real record.
  • A prank of slowing down by touching the record disk with a finger
  • Scrubbing play by moving the turntable with your finger.
  • Stop the tone arm with your finger and play a needle jumping prank.
  • Tap the tonearm with your finger continuously to generate short repeats.

In-app purchases add the following features.

  • Auto stop behavior like a real player.
  • Adjust and change single-sided/double-sided settings to your liking.
  • Select rotation of 33⅓ or 45.
  • Fine tune between 200 cents above and below in 25 cent increments.
  • Add scratch noise to enhance the feeling of playing a record
  • Retro sounds from portable players, transistor radios and telephones
  • Select record disk color from black, red and blue.
  • Select the label color from 7 colors.
  • Change the color of the turntable mat to your liking.
  • You can save the record coordinated to your liking as a virtual record on apps record shelf.

Try out the extra features for 2 weeks with a free trial of the in-app purchase.

Playing songs outside the iPod library is not supported.


  • Requires: iOS 12.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad